This package is for organizations who would have opted for either Enterprise E1 plan or have gone for the Small Business package of Office365. X1 has features around collaboration, document management, team workspaces, departmental sites, calendaring etc. This package doesn't include any business processes and is right for small size organizations who would like to aim at better collaboration and business productivity improvement

This package is built for organizations who have gone in for the E2 Plan. Apart from the features of the X1, this intranet also offers certain workflow driven non-sensitive business process like IT helpdesk, Resume Management, Training Management, eLibrary etc with dashboards for each of them. This package is best suited or a medium enterprises, wherein a bit of automation can result in efficiency gain and more transparency.

This package is feature filled and is meant for organizations on the E3, E4 and Kiosk plans. This package has all the features of X2 and a host of different Employee Self Service processes built as easy to use application templates. This package is built to sustain the end to end employee lifecycle. This package also leverages social computing features of SharePoint online. This package is rightly created for large enterprises who plan to have (or have) a major employee base that would use these cloud offerings.


Microsoft Office365 is a cloud based subscription service for business productivity and o365intranet is a set of intranet offerings built on top of SharePoint Online of Office365. Microsoft launches Office365 on 28th June 2011 and we are launching o365intranet on the very same day!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I choose a package today, can I upgrade to another package later?

    Yes, you can do so. In such cases, the additional components that make up the upgrade Package are deployed onto you O365 SharePoint Online instance.

  • Can I add Components to a Package?

    Yes! Once you buy a Package, you can always procure additional components to add on to the features and functionality. However, please keep in mind that, the component must be supported on your O365 subscription plan.

  • Can I customize a Package further?

    Once you buy a Package from us, you have complete control over the applications and the configurable options that are provided. In case you need to perform your own customizations to extend the features of these Packages, you are completely free to do so.